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E2C has produced a video about what we are doing in our schools and institutions. About learning, creativity ...
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Below a link to a short film sequence (60 sec.) on second chance education in Copenhagen. The film sound is Danish, but we have equipped the film with subtitles in English. Click on the picture and then click in youtube the icon subtitles on the right bottom to flash the subtitles.
image001Prevent Bullying and Abuse (PREVENT) is an Erasmus+ KA2 project implemented September 2018 – April 2021 by a consortium of 7 partner organizations from 6 different countries (Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, France, Portugal and Denmark) and E2C-Europe as associated partner. The leading partner of the project is the National Disability and Social Politics Centre Non-Profit Ltd., Hungary, Budapest.
Bullying is a very common, serious and growing problem throughout the world and Europe. The main objective of the project is to develop educators’ competencies in their everyday work for preventing young adults of different kind of bullying, from mockery to abuse. A comprehensive tool system will be developed in the project for that which includes:
- a simulation board game mostly for young adults / second chance school students (O1);
- a Guidelines on how to work with young adults’ experiences gained from the simulation game (O2);
- a Forum theatre methodology also working with their experiences gained from the game (O3).
One objective of the game is to sensitize and inform young adults about the different ways of bullying, and gives them all the necessary knowledge and practices to recognize, avoid and/or handle abuse in the best possible way.  Another important objective of the project is to promote and support the social inclusion of such vulnerable groups who already have fewer opportunities and so have bigger chance becoming victims of bullying. The simulation game supports to emphasize our common responsibility to avoid bullying situations. The third objective of the project empowering with the necessary knowledge and practices to young adults (including young adults from different types of vulnerable groups) to recognize, avoid and/or handle such situations in the best possible way.

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