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E2C has produced a video about what we are doing in our schools and institutions. About learning, creativity ...
Please click on the picture to see it. If you want to use it for promotion, please contact Bert Pelzer. He will send it to you by email.

Below a link to a short film sequence (60 sec.) on second chance education in Copenhagen. The film sound is Danish, but we have equipped the film with subtitles in English. Click on the picture and then click in youtube the icon subtitles on the right bottom to flash the subtitles.

Answer: The European Association of Cities, Institutions and Second Chance Schools is officially registered in France:
Association Europeènne des villes des écoles de la deuxième chance (E2C) 
zone d´áctivité La Prairie
Rue de la prairie
73420 Voglans

E2C-Europe is a European network and its members are situated all over Europe. Activities are co-ordinated from the secretarial office in Heerlen (The Netherlands), where E2C-Europe can be contacted directly:
E2C - Secretariat
Prinses Ireneweg 32
6271 JB Gulpen - Netherlands

Answer: Members of E2C-Europe are schools, city councils and regions, different kind of organizations, institutions and federations, involved in Second Chance education. All members are located within Europe.
On this website, on the page E2C - Members, you can see all members. Under List of Members you can download an up-to-date list showing all our members, including addresses and contact details.

Answer: If you would like to become an E2C member, you can request the E2C secretariat for an ID-card. You need to complete this ID-card and return it to the secretariat. It will then be put on the agenda for the next Executive Committee meeting, where your possible membership will be discussed. You will be informed shortly after the meeting about the results.

Answer: First of all, being an E2C member provides you with all the knowledge and experience that is joined with the E2C network, about all kinds of activities and issues in the field of Second Chance Education. E2C members are helpful, always willing to provide good advice and any kind of cooperation to achieve the joint goals of Second Chance Education. Secondly, E2C-Europe organizes several activities every year to which E2C members are invited. The Youth Event is the main and biggest event each year, to which students and tutors/teachers from all E2C members are invited! Nice locations are chosen for this event, entertainment and educational activities are organized for the students and their tutors/teachers. The participants have fun, share experiences and also discuss important issues. Twice a year, a Teachers meeting will take place. Teachers train other teachers, discuss second chance educational training programs and other issues, to improve the training in second chance education. Student exchanges are made possible between members of E2C-Europe. Once every year, usually during the Youth Event, the General Assembly (GA) takes place. During this meeting all E2C members present, are informed about important ongoing issues within the Association and whenever there are open questions, the GA is asked for their opinion.

Answer: Within E2C-Europe there are 3 types of memberships:
  • Member as City or Region 
  • Member as School (labeled Second Chance Schools)
  • Member as Institution 

On the ID-card that every new member needs to complete, you can choose your type of membership (this is also dependent on your type of organization) and there is a possibility to indicate whether you would like to become a labeled Second Chance School. The assessment that is necessary to become a labeled E2C School and the labeling procedure, takes place within the network by one of the other labeled E2C School members.

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Address of head office of the association:
zone d´áctivité La Prairie
rue de la prairie

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E2C - Secretariat
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