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PintoGuilherme Lopes Pinto – President of E2C Europe
City of Matosinhos - Portugal

We have to inform you about the death of Mr. Pinto. Mr. Pinto died at 8th of January. We are very sorry to have lost the president of the network by his death.

FB IMG 1479111002383Thomas Idenas - Vice President of E2C Europe
City of Norrkoeping - Sweden

"My name is Thomas Idenås, I'm 37 years old and I live in Norrkoping in Sweden. I am a socialdemocratic politician in Norrkoping with several different missions, such as dept. Mayor of the city of Norrkoping the vice chairman of the City Council and chairman of the municipal housing company "Hyresbostäder".
I have been a school politician with an assignment as President of the Upper secondary school and I have also experience from serving on the committee in charge of pre-school and primary school in the municipality of Norrkoping.
When I'm not working as a politician, I am a supervisor for Nokas Security in Norrköping "

jan polMr Jan Andreasen - Treasurer of E2C Europe
City of Copenhagen - Denmark

Member of Copenhagen City Council 2014-2017 appointed to the Children and Youth Committee and chairing the Board of Copenhagen Youth School. In his current position as Treasurer Jan is supported by Mr Tue Wethje, Financial Manager of Copenhagen Youth School.
In his civic life Jan Andreasen is working as a teacher and student counsellor in an a second chance institution in Copenhagen providing upper secondary education.
Focus: The teachers are the most valuable resource in educational institutions. We need to respect the teacher’s profession national and in a European perspective.

Other Member of the Board

Kriszta HorvatKRISZTINA HORVÁT - FSZK Budapest - Hungary
Autism Coordination Office- office manager and autism expert at Equal Opportunities of Persons with Disabilities Non-profit Ltd. (FSZK), Budapest, Hungary
Education of children and young persons with special needs/ field of disabilities
Representation of the problems and achievement of the post-communist countries of the Eastern European region, furthermore addressing issues affecting students with special educational needs.
Commitment to the organization's values, as well as giving chance and opportunity for participation for youngsters with fewer opportonuties according the „Nothing about us without us” principle- as well as the Hungarian member organization, FSZK is working for that case focusing on the field of disability.

Reinhold PortratReinhold Schiffers – Weiterbildungskolleg Linker Niederrhein – Dept. Mönchengladbach - Germany
I'm working from 1985 to 2016 as headmaster in second chance education. In my school - Weiterbildungskolleg Mönchengladbach - we try to make a difference for disadvantaged youngsters. Though we are a well respected institution in our city. To spread our experience and encourage others to share best practice we are engaged in E2C Network. It was great for me and my school to be part of a regional movement to change the traditional lecturing in schools into cooperative teaching and learning. Based on that I offer for about 15 years training in cooperative learning around Europe. In addition to that pedagogical part of my profession, I can share 30 years of experience as member of a national trade union board, dedicated to teacher training, and 40 years of experience in local policy, even 6 years as district mayor and nowadays as member of city council.

Celine DaclinDACLIN Céline - Second Chance School Chambéry - France
Headmaster of E2C Savoie
Member of the Board of European association of E2C
Former teacher in 2nd Chance of Châlons en Champagne
Former Pedagogical Staff Manager of E2C Marne
In charge of labelling process and Reporting tools inside the Board
Member of the Board to represent French E2C and to make the network as dynamic of possible
With E2C I wish participating to a more equal educative world for every young people

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