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E2C has produced a video about what we are doing in our schools and institutions. About learning, creativity ...
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Below a link to a short film sequence (60 sec.) on second chance education in Copenhagen. The film sound is Danish, but we have equipped the film with subtitles in English. Click on the picture and then click in youtube the icon subtitles on the right bottom to flash the subtitles.
When dreams comes true - Youth Summit 2018 - Matosinhos

Sometimes moments are special – this was one of them: Young people coming from all over the world on stage to show an artistic teamwork - a pyramid of bodies, build to the words of Dr. Martin Luther King. Creating an unforgettable picture of what humanity could be.
P1030077This happened on stage in Portugal secret second capital Porto. Here we´ve been part of a summit due to the 20th anniversary of the European Initiative For Second Chance Schools.
Already several years WBK Mönchengladbach (not easily to pronounce) – now named WBK Linker Niederrhein (perhaps more easy?) joins the youth event. For several times Mönchengladbach had the honor to host the schools of the network. This time five students had the opportunity to fly to Porto for one week. Two teachers accomplished them and participated in the teachers meeting that took place at the same time.
Dance, circus, percussion, sports and many more attractions: 130 young adults performed more than two hours of show live on stage – after only three days together in workshops. I´m not the only one of the spectators, who nearly couldn´t believe or even could describe this outstanding result of power of endurance and engagement that occurred here, live on stage.
And they had to be strong! From the beginning of the general rehearsal weather was a real combatant: Heavy rain and 17°C. Feet got wet and the stage was slippery – but nobody gave up. P1020905After all, everybody was laughing, that the Germans and all the others from Northern Europe traveled more than 1000 km to the south to dance in the cold rain, meanwhile in Germany and even in Sweden they had 30°C.
But they reached the goal – exciting clap for this team of a united world. And that´s what it is – more than European Union, ´cause all the schools also came with immigrants. Everybody gave his best.
And there comes the moment, that touched me so deeply, because it fulfills a vision of Dr. King:
And when this happens, and when we allow freedom ring, when we let it ring from every village (…), we will be able to speed up that day when all of God's children, black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, will be able to join hands (…): Free at last! Free at last!
So I can say I´m really proud of being part of this project and thankful about the strength of our youngsters, who showed us that they could make this world a better place.
European Union at its best: peaceful and amazing.

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