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The European Association of Cities, Institutions and Second Chance Schools is an international network organisation in the field of teaching or enabling young people with lack of skills or qualifications to successfully gain access to education programmes or to the labour market.

The Association is an independent non-profit organisation and was legally established in Heerlen (The Netherlands) on the 4th of June 1999.

The main aims of the Association are to:

organise exchange and transfer of experience between the
cities and collective territorial bodies who have set up or participated in setting up a Second Chance School within the framework of the programme launched by the European Union

assist cities and collective bodies who wish to set up a Second Chance School

promote the European concept of Second Chance Schools in general

In the context of implementing the White Paper ”Teaching and Learning: towards the learning society” (1995), the European Commission launched the ”Second Chance Schools (SCS)” pilot projects in 1997.
The main aim of these pilot projects were to offer education and training to young people who lack the skills and qualifications necessary to find a job or fully benefit from conventional training.

Untill the year 2000 the project had a pilot status. In this period the initiatives from the SCS regarding the content and the organization had to be developed. Starting point in initiating these Second Chance Schools was to set up long-term local partnerships between all the institutions involved in the social and economic integration of young people at risk of social exclusion.

From the outset the cities have been part of a dynamic interchange between the Second Chance Schools; the close links between the initiatives makes a rapid exchange of good practice between the schools possible and has offered concrete perspectives for transnational exchanges; both to the youngsters as well as to their trainers.
As a result of this intensive exchange programme between the participants, the representatives of cities and local authorities that have set up Second Chance Schools, declared their intention to create a European network of cities.
In 1998 the City of Marseille took the initiative to set up an Association that will continue the network activities in order to carry on sharing experiences of the participating schools, and extend the number of participants cities and schools.
In June 1999 a European Association has officially been established in Heerlen (NL). At the moment the association is presided by the City of Matosinhos (PT) and the secretariat is carried out by EURICON (Simpelfeld, NL).

In the last years the association developed into an organization with a wide range. In 2004 it changed statutes in order to attract not only cities and Second Chance Schools, but also organizations who indirectly fight against the social exclusion of marginalized young people. By changing the statutes both the schools and associate members play a more prominent role in the association’s policy as they gather in the so called Educational Steering Group. This is the ’pedagogical heart’ of the association, working hard to develop new projects in order to enhance the quality and efficiency of second chance education in general.

For more information you can download the information brochure of E2C-Europe. It also gives you the opportunity to subscribe as a member.

Download the position paper
E2C has produced a video about what we are doing in our schools and institutions. About learning, creativity ...
Please click on the picture to see it. If you want to use at for promotion, please contact Bert Pelzer. He will send it to you by email. 

Youth Event - Teacher Meeting and GA 201...

Youth Event - Teacher Meeting and GA 2016 in Chambéry

The Second Chance School in Chambéry - Soutenez l’Ecole de la 2ème Chance de la Savoie - is organising the annual Youth Event for this year. Also a Teacher Meeting will take place and of course our annual General Assembly...

Commission - reply to the statement

Commission - reply to the statement

The answer of the Commission encourage E2C in his work and gave the link to the website of the DISCO Project. In this project our member "Weiterbildungskolleg Mönchengladbach" is the lead partner.

Statement of the Board - refugees

Statement of the Board - refugees

The Board of E2C adopt the following statement.
Young refugees need support for their life.
In this statement the Board of E2C offer the support for young refugees in integration of the society. This statement was send...

Teacher Meeting 2015 in Mönchengladbach

Teacher Meeting 2015 in Mönchengladbach

The Agenda for our Teacher meeting is availabe. Please contact Bert Pelzer if you have an interest to take part in this meeting.

General Assembly 2015

General Assembly 2015


Mr. Guilherme Pinto, the President of the Network invites all members to our annual General Assembly in 2015. The GA takes place in Mönchengladbach in Germany in the week of the...



The Commission adopted the draft Joint Report under the ET 2020 strategic framework for European cooperation in education and training.  This is an important document which proposes the priority areas and concrete issues for future work up to 2020.